No Turning Back

Everyone has struggles. Everyone eventually conquered/will conquer one of/some/most, or all their struggles. However, it is our struggles that teach us a lesson and build our character adding to the process of maturity and having certain realizations. Surprisingly, what many adults fail to realize, is that teenagers have struggles too, whether it be with school,... Continue Reading →


Start With You

A common problem almost everyone faces, is starting whatever they do with others first. This comes with judging others, gaining finished products in life, making moves, self-love and putting one’s life first. Many people have a tendency to look at the lives of others and pass certain remarks rather than to evaluate their own lives... Continue Reading →

Dear Mr. Sir

"I am writing this letter to you declaring who I am, meant to be, made to be and who owns me. You did what you did and stripped me of all I had. Every bit of courage, confidence, self-love and appreciation I had for myself. You made me believe I was nothing but garbage, a... Continue Reading →

Faith > Sight

It was probably a few months ago that I came across a tweet from Dante’s twitter account (@whoknowsdante). The tweet had my attention at first glance and after scanning through the rest of them, I had no other choice but to click that “follow” button. He always had something good to say, not only good... Continue Reading →

Until You’re 40

A few weeks ago I got a chance to interview one of my followers and social media acquaintances. Seeing his posts always made me wonder what kind of person he was and what he was all about. His Instagram posts and his tweets are always so calm, gentle, sensitive but most of all positive. He... Continue Reading →

“Jamaican” – More Than A Title

Being Jamaican is more than a title. It’s more than just saying “Yah mon!” (which nobody actually says 99% of the time). It’s an honor, a privilege, a blessing, and most of all, it’s a lifestyle. To be Jamaica means to be blessed. Yes we’ve had our ups and downs like any other country, no... Continue Reading →

Surviving Puppets

That’s exactly what some of us are, “surviving puppets” (with/without strings). Not teens/teenagers/kids/children. We’re just walking paradoxes; of our own selves, lives, friends, parents, teachers and most of all, of society. They tell us that we’re free, that we have decisions to make on our own, that we’re “grown” or “old enough” to do this... Continue Reading →

#BlackLivesMatter, Is it just a trend?

Since recently, I’ve noticed the #blacklivesmatter hashtag becoming a trend. This is a good thing, yet a bad one. It’s bad seeing that we’re only able to use a hashtag to prove the worth of our black lives and to get recognition. It’s sad that nobody recognizes our worth until we protest, get killed or... Continue Reading →

Let Us Live

One of the most overlooked stages of being a teen is the one where we are merely surviving/existing rather than actually living. If you were once a teen, you should at least be aware of the struggles we face growing up. However, with such a diverse and large generation gap, it would be unfair for... Continue Reading →

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