Jus4Teenz all started in 2015, mid-August, with its blogger Nykefah Nairne.

Its aim is to not only let the voices of teenagers be heard through someone who they can relate to, but to be a good guide for them in the reality of their hardest teen issues. Jus4Teenz blogs with the aim of creating a more positive mindset amongst its teens for a better generation.

She had just left high school and was worried about what path she would take next, when suddenly she came to the realization of one of her many gifts, writing. Though she was passionate for writing, alongside that was a passion for helping others to have their voices be heard, especially teenagers like her. She sat for a few minutes contemplating how she could bring all this to fruit. Then came the combination of her writing, wanting the voices of teens to be heard and a passion for expressing herself and others’ feelings, hence the name “Jus4Teenz”.

Today she has earned over 5,000 views on all her posts combined, which is a major step for her. She puts passion, determination and effort into each blog and in trying to make a statement with Jus4Teenz for it to become the #1 blog spot for teens.

To all our readers, she thanks you all for the continuos support. For our new readers, welcome and we do hope you stick around and share the good news with friends.

Be blessed!


You can reach out to Nykefah through her various social media profiles:

Twitter: @NykNairne

Instagram: @NykNairne

Facebook: Nykefah Nairne





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