The Power of Purpose

purposeThis is one power that many people underestimate. The magnitude of power that having vision and purusing purpose contains sometimes just cannot be fathomed by the average man, who has no understanding of what these things truly can do to one’s life. Knowing your purpose is being aware of what you were born to do & the impact that you can leave on this world when you’re gone. Purpose is simply defined as “the reason why something exists”. Though it has a relativly ‘simple’ meaning, the impact one can leave through their purpose is most definitely far from simple.

Knowing that there’s a reason behind your existence is actually one of the most amazing revelations one can come by. To know that you were born with a life-changing duty either for yourself or for others, is just amazing. However, when one does not act upon their purpose or use it for the good of others, it can be said that they “lost at life itself”. To not live by your purpose is to lie to yourself and rob your life of the impact it could have made instead of the impact it did make. I do understand that it isn’t always easy to know what your purpose in life is, because that’s not something you’re given instructions on by society, you’re just expected to ‘figure it out’. However, Jus4Teenz is here to help you figure it out today! Grab a piece of paper, a pen and yourself. Now, let’s do a little self-evaluation…

  • Empty your mind so you’ll be able to focus better (trying going in a quiet area until we’re done)

Now, here we go…

To find one’s purpose, we must first highlight the truth in certain aspects of our lives, such as:

  1. What makes you angry? // What pisses you off most about the world? // What angers you so much that it urges you to make a change about it and have a positive impact on the world/your environment?
  2. What are you good at? // What do others say you’re good at?
  3. What are you passionate about?


Now, carefully evaluate yourself and your answers. Know that when combined, this is your calling/purpose! Your answers may seem to ‘vary’ but if they do, have no fear, just know that you can be able to narrow it down in the longrun after further and deeper evaluation if necessary. But, all that? Adds up to your purpose in life ❤

When you now know your purpose, don’t be tricked into thinking it has to be something traditional, that’s not always the case for everyone. However, knowing it, you should then go out and pursue it out of true passion and not just for what it can give you. With your purpose, know that you must serve others wholly as you serve your Creator in it as well. Pinpoint your purpose today and tackle it head on!

Never forget, YOU HAVE A PURPOSE.


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