358304,xcitefun-nature-hearts-1With such a high-tech, advanced generation, it’s often times hard to take things slow. Not sure where we’ve developed this “quick fix” mentality from, but it’s slowly letting us induldge and crash into some of the worst situations we can think of.

It’s not just our social life and standards that are fast, but our perception on self-developemnt, love, relationships, education, making money and success. All these categories’ usual span and maturity has lost value, or some of them at least. To speed up the process of such things that would/should take a reasonable time to seep into, makes way for great danger mentally and emotionally.

With our fast new era methods of self-develoment, everyone is growing up in the blink of an eye. This, is especially due to our twisted social media standards and expectations for growth. We grow up/glo up in a manner of materialistic, vain actions and thoughts with much self-exaltaion. Included, is a lack of self worth and socially based self-esteem that has us dependent and in constant comparison of how we see and believe that we should grow up. With all this, we just become social media minions, being dependent on society to dictate our development/growth.

As it relates to love, oh how we struggle to find it genuinely. Why? because we haven’t gotten it as is, we don’t understand it enough to give it or accept it, therefore we’re left confused, refusing it from its source, God, or we simply aren’t familiar with it overall. Another factor is due to not receiving it within the foundations of our lives, the family, home, school, etc. As a result, we end up in constant cycles of confusion, hurt, betrayal, neglect, abuse, manipulation and heartbreaks. However, what many don’t  know is that to truly understand love and all it entails, you must first understand the giver, the creator and the source, God.

To understand Him, will allow you to become aware of your worth as you should be and therefore aware of the love you really deserve. Also, understanding this will help you to escape and discern all the hurt you may face without him because you’ve now been made aware of what real love is and what it consists of. Understand his love before you try to understand and accept “love” from others.

Please take into serious consideration that love does not hurt. Love is neither abusive, manipulative, vulgar, hurtful, greedy, sorrowful, or anything bad. To say love is wicked, or is a bad thing, would contradict the unshakable, unconditional love of God. Love is not based off of feelings or emotions as those are chemical, fleshly, and most importantly, they fade. God is love and therefore love is God. God is everlasting and unshakable, so is Love. Love doesn’t fail or fade and neither does God.

“If it fails, it wasn’t love.”

If you didn’t know, now you know, that love is a command and a choice. Not merely because Jesus commanded us to love, but because we have free will, and choose who/what we want to love. You do not and cannot fall in/out of love, all that pertains to lust, infatuation and feelings. Love is not a slide you slip in/out of when you’re ready. Love is the choice to truly love someone for better or for worse and through the good and the bad. You CHOOSE to love them no matter what they did or how they treated you. 

When it comes to “falling in/out” of love, that’s a lie. You simply chose to not love someone anymore. You chose to shift that love into another category or form ( Love has many forms). You chose to not love them intimately anymore, but with a friendly love, or to love them from afar.

So my dear readers, take love slow. Understand it for what it truly is, and be sure to get your understanding straight from the source. Do not be deceived by the false love this world has to offer and what it entails. Refrain, and guard your heart.


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