Groupthink Circles

groupthink1As teens, you change friends often, or for some, not so much. However, a majority of you go through a series of friendships, encountering different personalities yet you eventually end up in a group with like-minded individuals. When that happens, you’ll often become one as a group and experience a psychological phenomenon called “Groupthink”. Though it is a psychological and business term, it can also be used as an example via social groups. This is where a group of people start to think collectively with one mind…

Makes sense concerning your clique right? Thought so.

This means that most times you will think alike and have the same perspectives and opinions on various things. In some cases, you may even adopt characteristics of other group members, if you are that close.

There are pros and cons to being in a circle that results in Groupthink. Some of its Pros:

  • You get along easily
  • You agree on if not everything, most things
  • You may not have that many disagreements compared to other cliques
  • Teamwork is easier

Some of its cons:

  • Due to being highly like-minded, there may be less opportunities for change and growth where/when needed
  • The ability to properly make decisions creatively is interfered with because every mind is alike
  • It limits your thinking if you were an open-minded person before

All that being said, if you find yourself in a group where groupthink has left it stagnant or dormant in moving forward, do something about it! It’s more than okay to think outside of the box or outside of your “circle” sometimes. It is okay to have a few differences in personalities and it is definitely good to be able to think in harmony but as the same time, to do so creatively with individuality. Have differences and compliment each other!

It’s pretty cool to groupthink, especially as friends, however, ensure that it is always centered around good and positiveness.

– Check your circles and their growth!


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