Stay in/Create your own lane

stay-in-your-own-lane-men-s-t-shirtWith our modern, fast pace social media and societal standards, it’s easy to slip onto paths that aren’t for you and that you can’t handle. Though as teens it’s not hard to be misled and tricked into different personalities and lifestyles when you aren’t rooted in yourself and what you truly want and who you should be. Therefore, in not being certain of yourself, you may end up being tossed in everything and anything that comes along the way, hence, the constant transition into different lifestyles, likes and dislikes, friendships and mindsets with today’s teens. Not having a mind of your own can lead to you becoming a puppet to the wrong things and persons, therefore being led down the wrong lanes and often times not realizing. You may get so caught up in being like someone else or following their footsteps that you lose the true definition of your life and who you should/could become.

Common things on such a matter are the personality and lifestyle influences that social media has on you. You may be of the poor or middle class lifestyle, but you’re intimidated by that of the upper class and therefore you do things to go on their paths. While doing this, you lose yourself, your morals, values and often times your destiny all due to sacrificing everything for a lifestyle that wasn’t yours to be, or not just yet. Beware of comparison, as it is known as the thief of joy and many other things. Sometimes, the “lavish” or “lit” lifestyles you see on social media are often times not what they are in reality and also come through certain sacrifices or deeds that you may not be able to handle. To follow after them may lead you to roads of destruction and loss of not only materialistic things, but of personal value in one’s self. Not everyone and everything are what they ‘post’ to be. Do not be deceived. Though it is tempting and it does look delightful, wait your turn. Who knows, maybe one day you’d eventually level up to the life you desire, but ended up missing it and its true fruitfulness just because you didn’t wait or you went about it the wrong way. It is hard to refrain from the comparison, and the pressure of it is even worst, but for your own good, wait, and while you wait, do not be covetous.

Also, know that you are able to stand out and create your own lane, one that is fair and worthy of following that has no strains or strings on others. Know that you can be the one to lead by a good example and be positively influential to others, even during your wait. Know that you do not have to live up to social and societal standards to stand out, as a matter of fact, it’s even better to stand out and be followed for the good and not the bad. Acknowledge yourself, who you are, your morals and standards and live by them; Stay rooted in them and try to not let other things shift them. With all that, aspire to inspire others to either follow your footsteps or even to surpass you, or to create their own lane. Be that one person on social media who is genuinely who they ‘post’ to be. Be that person whose posts lights up the world for others and gives them hope, showing them that it’s okay to be patient and not succumb to social pressure. Also, never forget that a true leaders and persons of great influence aren’t afraid to allow their followers to prosper just the same, and they are even happy when a follower person surpasses them.

Find yourself, create/find a substantial lane and do you!



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