Plan B-Z

I am sure most of you have that big plan for your life that overshadows everything else. That one thing you focus on achieving and living by. You spend most of your time dwelling on it, thinking how will you get there and what will you do when it happens. But, what about afterwards when you have achieved it? What do you do next? Just stay there?

Okay, so let’s say you plan on becoming a Soldier or Doctor, you have worked your way towards it, achieved the title, but what then? Will you just be that one thing for the rest of your life? Oh I hope I am getting you.

The thing is, you often times aim for that ONE thing not realizing that there is more to life that can be done. Yeah, you can become that Soldier/Doctor, it is pretty cool, but why not aim to either move up a rank/position, work to be the best and go higher? Or, take on something else? Something fun on the side that you may like or may even be able to capitalize on.

The point is, never get complacent with just your Plan A when there are 26 other letter in the alphabet. Keep going, try other things, it does not have to be too major or too time consuming. Get better, do better and never limit yourself to what you can take on and achieve. The world is yours to take on, so make the best of it. Plan B worked, but why not explore the other letters too? Go ahead and live it up as much as you can. Plan A is just a stepping stone to all the other alphabetical plans.

P.S: Try to do more than one thing your whole life. Make the best of your years while you still can. 


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