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2d167be25640bae4ced4df057abccbb6Growing up as children some of us were told that we have rights, while others were not aware or sure. Some were told that they are able to speak up/out to let their voices be heard. Some spoke boldly even without the knowledge of having a right to do so, while some stayed silent either not caring of speaking up, or they were simply silenced until completely muted against their right(s).

Here in Jamaica we have a numerous amount of laws stating our rights and the Government’s, family’s and parent’s responsibility to protect, help to carry out and respect such rights. But on the contrary, to them we’re “just children” and our rights vs their responsibilities are a matter of whether they feel like they want to acknowledge it and let it be carried out. According to the rights of a child stated in articles via UNICEF (, we do in fact have the right to be respected for our views, freedom of expression, thoughts, conscience (+religion) and implementation measures towards all rights.

Some may not know, but as children we have the right to have a view, let it be known freely and to have it take thought of in whatever matters we voice our opinions on. But, our society doesn’t always care. We have the right to freedom of expression, but our society doesn’t allow us to express ourselves or they push us aside. Our expressions are nothing much/heavily valued and nothing meaningful to listen to, hence a rebellious nation of children vs society. With the one that covers if not most, but all rights, is the right to have implementation measures towards every other right. However, this one can be deemed as overlooked, seeing that if even a few of our other rights are downplayed, how much more will this one be noticed?


Now knowing that you do in fact have rights, and we’re guessing you’ve clicked the link above to see them all, do you believe that society caters to our rights enough? Or, are they known, overlooked but not taken into consideration by if not some, most of society? Is our nation “allowing” us to put our rights into actions? Are children themselves putting their rights to action?

With Jus4Teenz, you have the right to share your views and let your voice be heard completely, so give us your feedback through your comments! Let us know how you feel and let us help you to get your voices in the open!

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