Success vs Happiness

happyThese days, life seems to be all about success. Everything is about winning, boasting, looking “on fleek” and being the center of attention. People, especially some teenagers and young adults, are on a high-speed chase for money, fame and acceptance from society. The sad part about it is that their view on life is all wrong with what they’re chasing. Some persons are more focused on looking like they’re winning in life with their incomplete success and achievements, than actually overcoming goals towards being successful to win in reality.

“But it’s my life, my views, how is my way of ‘winning’ wrong?”

Yes it’s your life, but throughout life’s journey you live and you learn, right from wrong and realize sense from nonsense. When it comes to success or being successful, one must be able to discern whether success has come from a good place or bad place. Genuine, fulfilling success doesn’t come from the fast life. It may come fast but it will leave just as fast as it had arrived or it will leave you unhappy in the end. Success that is derived from one’s hard work and dedication to something that was being pursued, is considered complete or real success, the type of success that makes you genuinely happy.

Though success is measured differently by individuals, I’m sure we can all agree that to be happy, genuinely happy  with one’s life and achievements, is due to the satisfaction that such success brings. Happiness correlates with success as we all want to be happy and at peace in life.

You’ve completed certain goals in life and still aren’t happy? Something you were wishing for came through but you’re still unhappy? Well, try to evaluate yourself and what you’re chasing, and be sure of what your purpose in life is and THEN you can complete and achieve all goals based on your reevaluated realizations. Success correlates with vision. Without vision of one’s life and being aware of one’s purpose, will leave you feeling unhappy, incomplete and unsuccessful due to your achievements not being attached to your true purpose in life. To achieve overall success is to achieve genuine happiness through completing one’s visions. To do so, one MUST have pinpointed their vision and MUST be on the journey of fulfilling their purpose.

If you’re doing all you can, getting the finest things in life and are still unhappy, reevaluate your purpose, the things you are chasing and the vision that you have, and head on to the right direction.

Make 2017 your year filled with positiveness and flourishing. Take a big turn and start walking in your purpose, forgetting all the obstacles you’ve faced in 2016. Renew yourselves and get going!



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  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself, this was well put like all ur other blogs. Its really sad though because thats all most teens and young adults are about of this generation and I hope actually hope this open up thier eyes to a new level of understanding to the word success and/or for thier goals of being successful.

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  2. Well said Nykefah. Your post reminds me of Ps 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” At first reading one might be mistaken to think this all about one getting their heart’s desires. But as you contemplate this, you find that your heart’s desires become that which delights yourself in the Lord.” Anyways – I didn’t want to make my comments so much a bible lesson – as to say you are on to something when you recognize the relationship between success and happiness. Here’s to delighting yourself in the Lord – and all that will mean for you and the people you influence. Shalom.

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