No Turning Back

76859832341262357eb1f374f18943aeEveryone has struggles. Everyone eventually conquered/will conquer one of/some/most, or all their struggles. However, it is our struggles that teach us a lesson and build our character adding to the process of maturity and having certain realizations. Surprisingly, what many adults fail to realize, is that teenagers have struggles too, whether it be with school, work, family or their personal life. But our downfall is sometimes not knowing how to handle it and overcoming it.

Many teenagers are faced the social struggles of low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, drug abuse, peer pressure and discrimination of class, race, culture, religion and other personal views. This young girl is an example of a teen that overcame her biggest struggle and had a major turnaround in her life using her faith and perseverance for the better.

Here’s her story:

“All my life I’ve struggled with my sins. Sexual Immorality being my biggest struggle overall. I knew it was wrong, yes. But, I felt there was no turning back because I was in way too deep.

Initially, I thought once you’ve found that someone you thought you “loved”, that was it. You’d get married, have sex, have kids and live happily ever after. This thought literally crippled my life. I was searching for too long, in the wrong places for love. However, I do believe I had “that guy”, but I messed it up, and that killed me. My whole life for the next few years was centered around getting him back, and somewhere in there, I lost myself.

Through suicidal thoughts, drugs and a couple body counts later, I felt the need to go to church. I was going for a while, then, this though kept popping up, “You’re too gay, you love sex too much AND you can’t serve God. Then, I stopped going to church. I decided to stick with the world.

Fam, I fell ill, and God held me on a hospital bed. Two surgeries later, I said, “God, if you bring me through this, I will serve you!” although, after a couple weeks of being discharged, I started to feel guilty after not following through with what I declared while being on that hospital bed. But, I wasn’t exactly in the world, and I still wasn’t serving God either. So I put my excuses aside and started going back to church again, I needed a jump start. My usual excuse was that I was too tired because of school and work and that God would understand. But, after so many occasions of saying “God if take me through I’ll serve you”, I had no choice. I made up my mind to go back, and this time, to stay. Months after, I built my faith and my walk with God, though I still have a long way to go. I got baptized, and I now declare Jesus as my Lord and Personal Saviour.

The children of this world are in danger and we may never know what’s happening with them and how we can help. But I hope the words of my testimony, reaches someone today.

When I was just in the 5th grade, I wanted to get baptized, but I was told “you have enough time”. We actually don’t have enough time and nobody knows how much time and chances they’re exceeded off their limit.

I’m not afraid to say, I’m a believer, I’m a Christian, I love God and that I’ve been changed, after all who I was and what I was doing. If you’re unaware, unsure and unable to declare who you live for/should live for, then check yourself and reevaluate your life, and its purpose.”

Through her faith, she overcame her struggle and started to unfold new chapters in her book. Hopefully, her story gives you hope and reassurance that no struggle is impossible to overcome.


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