Start With You

shutterstock_158235314A common problem almost everyone faces, is starting whatever they do with others first. This comes with judging others, gaining finished products in life, making moves, self-love and putting one’s life first. Many people have a tendency to look at the lives of others and pass certain remarks rather than to evaluate their own lives first. They often times judge others without checking themselves and faults first. Some people rather start big than start small, which is the actual way to go; They rather not start if what they’re doing won’t be recognized largely at first, not realizing than upon starting small, yet effectively, is where their audience or desired attention comes from. Others want to make moves together, not realizing that they are individuals first and team/group members later. It might sound selfish, but it is in fact true. You can’t start a business or idea without ONE individual gaining that epiphany to do so and THEN combining everyone else’s ideas. Or, you cannot wait on others to make moves for/with you, without taking YOUR own first step, as people aren’t always reliable. Plus, it’s your dream, not theirs. Self-love, as the name states, is love that comes from within ONE’S self. It isn’t something shared or conjoined with someone else, it’s within you, for you to create or recognize. Self-love is a complete appreciation for one’s self. Getting love from someone else will not give you self-love, but it is, however, a contributing factor to build yours. Note carefully, this does not mean that you should wait around for someone to love and appreciate you, before doing so yourself.

Another fact that covers this is that people don’t know how/when to put themselves first. Some people constantly put others and their needs before them, rather than to deal with themselves first. Again it might sound selfish, but it’s for one’s own good. However, caring is still important and love is too; Love sometimes puts others first, but love is still wise enough to know when to put itself first.

With judging others negatively/incorrectly, we as humans tend to not realize that it is never our place to judge, unless it is righteous judgement. We forget that we make mistakes too and that we’re not perfect. We forget how to teach before we scold for things usually not learned or realized in another person’s actions. We most times have a negative approach and readiness when we judge, but never have the same readiness to correct others in the way we should. So, my dear readers, before you judge, look into yourself first and judge righteously.

When it comes to finished products, or done deals, people usually want it at the start, which makes no sense. Some people get lazy or despise make a start at all on their own, rather than putting effort into getting something done. But instead of being like this, it is better to start on your own, start with you and push through. Always remember that everything big, start small and no product was built starting from its end. With making moves, always remember to at least try to start with you rather than with others. Lay YOUR foundation first before laying anyone else’s. Gain your ideas first rather than jump onto someone else’s.

Love yourself first before attempting to love anyone else or seeking love from them. Loving yourself is a major key to moving ahead in life. Self-love is almost like a GPS when it comes to associating with others and making moral decisions, never forget that.

Putting yourself first is also a major key, never forget that. It is good to look out for others, but never allow yourself to get left behind missing the opportunity to look out for yourself first, be wise with this and make the correct decisions.

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  1. You are incredibly wise at such a young age. I love it. I am happy you take time to blog and share your wisdom with others. It’s a beautiful thing! This is a great reminder for us all. Thanks for sharing, love!

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