Dear Mr. Sir

girl with raised hands and broken chainsI am writing this letter to you declaring who I am, meant to be, made to be and who owns me.

You did what you did and stripped me of all I had. Every bit of courage, confidence, self-love and appreciation I had for myself. You made me believe I was nothing but garbage, a toy and that I belonged to you. You made me believe that I was worth nothing, not being alive or being loved. You tried to instill in me that I am nothing, that I was a waste when you were done. You made me trick myself into thinking I had no purpose. You made me work and go along with your deeds as if I was just some puppet. You made the most disgusting remarks to me. You had my mind filled with degrading, life-threatening, suicidal thoughts and voices constantly reminding me of everything. Reminding me of every detail.

But today, everything changes. Today I boldly come to you declaring that everything you told me was & is a lie. I come to you today to tell you that I am not yours and I never was, or will be. I declare to you that I am not your toy or person, not your puppet and I never will be. I was made for a purpose and that purpose is not to be your servant or a slave to you.

My purpose here is to live and not die. My purpose is to become the strong, confident, courageous, bold and beautiful woman I am destined to be. A woman freed from all the shackles that held me back and from the thoughts you tried to implant in my head.

I was born to be free and to belong to my creator. I wasn’t born to have my body, mind, spirit, heart or soul be a slave to you, or captivated by you. I am not a child of man, nor slave of man, but an amazing daughter of a King. I am for God and that is what I declare!”

  • To all the girls reading this, whether I know you or we’re strangers, to the ones who have and don’t have a support system and feel unloved or worthless… You are loved.
  • I wrote this dedicating it specially to you. You, the girls who have been beaten, abused, neglected, exiled, raped and have been toyed around with by the sick men of this world.

Stay strong, stay beautiful and stay rooted in the given purpose you were created and born to fulfill.

I love you, xoxo.




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