Until You’re 40

Yf2yKpC0A few weeks ago I got a chance to interview one of my followers and social media acquaintances. Seeing his posts always made me wonder what kind of person he was and what he was all about. His Instagram posts and his tweets are always so calm, gentle, sensitive but most of all positive. He seemed like a good person, one having good will. I just had to interview him and I did! I messaged him asking his permission to do so and he agreed. The interview went well interview, here goes:


Jus4Teenz: Okay. I’ll need your age ‘btw’.

Haldane: “I’m 20 years old”

Jus4teenz: What was one of the most difficult things for you to overcome growing up?

Haldane: “The most difficult thing I had to overcome was me trying to be myself because my parents are very old fashioned ; for example I like growing my hair, but to them growing it is bad thing. I love music and art, it’s my escape, and to them I just wanna be lazy and waste my life. I’m just trying to be myself. “It did ruff bad bad bad bad” when I was like, 15/16 because I was doing what any average teenager does. Go out, chill and come home but to everybody else I was being rebellious.

  • “But I get it though, they just want the best for me”

Jus4Teenz: Ohh, wow. That’s sadly what most young people face these days, parents telling them they’re lazy or wasting their life, among other things. Knowing all that they were thinking and saying, how did you cope? How did you come clean letting them know that this is what you want to do or this is how you want to live?

Haldane: I just stopped hiding, if I had a problem I stopped being silent and voiced my opinion. When older persons see that you’re not just doing what they say and you’re opposing, it’s gonna come off as being disrespectful and I learned that the hard way

  • “But sometimes the best thing to do is to just do what they say if you wanna live a peaceful life”

Jus4Teenz:  After you came out with your preferred lifestyle and opinions, did you then gain respect from your elders? Or did things get worst? And have they accepted who you are now?

Haldane: “It got worst at first, but after a while they kinda accepted it”

  • “A just how them grow, can’t blame them for that”

Jus4Teenz:  And what are you pursuing in life now? What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?

Haldane: Well , I’m going into my 2nd year at Caribbean Maritime Institute perusing a degree in shipping and logistics, but I see myself inspiring others through my music because I write about my life and everything I’ve been through. I see myself on tour, with my own record label; I just wanna be a regular guy that shares his story with the world. Nobody wants to be nameless; we all wanna be “somebody”

Jus4Teenz: That’s true and your story is in fact inspiring and memorable. Thanks much for your interview though it was a bit unprofessional. Is there anything you’d like to say to the teens reading your story? Any words of advice?

Haldane: “Lol, my word of advice to anybody reading this right now is you should always be yourself, this world moves so fast and we can get lost in it, take like 5 minutes out of your day when you wake up or when you’re going to sleep and just think of your day, what you did well, and what you thought you shouldn’t have done. I do it all the time and it helps me keep a sound mind and also help you grow as a person.

  • “Be a teen until you’re 40” – Haldane

  • IG: @Topiksgallery

  • Twitter: @Topikaudio

I do hope you enjoyed this blog and learn a few lessons from it whether big or small. To my fellow teens and even the adults reading, “Be a teen until you’re 40”, live a little, be happy and be confident in who you are and who you’re destined to be. Never allow yourself to be silenced.



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  1. This is insightful and such a great idea connecting to people around your network. Amazing what social media can do now 🙂 I enjoyed reading this because it is full of realness and is very relatable. I think being our true authentic self is beautiful 🙂

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  2. I love that your connecting with your followers, its really unique and interesting!! I love your blog! It would mean the world if you checked out my blog and commented at hintstolifeblog.wordpress.com !! THANKYOUUU I just started so some tips would help.

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