How Much Do You Want It?

The change you want to see in your life, how badly do you want it? It's one thing to dream a thing, but another to live towards it and apply faith. There are many young people around the world today wanting change, but how effective is a want if you don't turn it into a... Continue Reading →


Teens vs Purity

In a generation as curious and easily led astray as this one, Biblical purity isn't always so easy for them to submit to. Some teens today, even among the Christian community, struggle with being/staying pure. Not only purity in terms of abstinence from sex/sexual desires, but also purity within their minds and hearts concerning the... Continue Reading →

He Doesn’t Call You By Your Sins

My spirit has been in somewhat of a 'down' state recently as it relates to teenage babe believers/new converts and those returning to their relationship with God. For some of you, you've been longing to have a relationship with God, but you feel too far off and as if you're not worthy of his love... Continue Reading →

“…But I’m Not Good Enough”

A very common and unspoken thought in the hearts among youths whenever you encourage them to come to God. Many have a set mindset as it concerns coming to God and becoming a Christian, that we must first clean ourselves up and THEN come to God when in reality he wants you to come before... Continue Reading →

The Power of Purpose

This is one power that many people underestimate. The magnitude of power that having vision and purusing purpose contains sometimes just cannot be fathomed by the average man, who has no understanding of what these things truly can do to one's life. Knowing your purpose is being aware of what you were born to do &... Continue Reading →

With such a high-tech, advanced generation, it's often times hard to take things slow. Not sure where we've developed this "quick fix" mentality from, but it's slowly letting us induldge and crash into some of the worst situations we can think of. It's not just our social life and standards that are fast, but our... Continue Reading →

Groupthink Circles

As teens, you change friends often, or for some, not so much. However, a majority of you go through a series of friendships, encountering different personalities yet you eventually end up in a group with like-minded individuals. When that happens, you'll often become one as a group and experience a psychological phenomenon called "Groupthink". Though it... Continue Reading →

Stay in/Create your own lane

With our modern, fast pace social media and societal standards, it’s easy to slip onto paths that aren’t for you and that you can’t handle. Though as teens it’s not hard to be misled and tricked into different personalities and lifestyles when you aren’t rooted in yourself and what you truly want and who you... Continue Reading →

Pattern vs Potential

If you're one of those kindhearted, overly caring teens when it comes to friendships, family or any relationships you are involved in, you may just be hanging on to the potential of it rather than the patterns, and that can lead to getting hurt. In a late Elevation Church episode, with Pastor Steven Furtick, he... Continue Reading →

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